25 things about me πŸ–€

1. I am 25 years old

2. Born and raised in Washington and never left the country.

3. Single πŸ–€

4. Currently living in Edmonds, Washington.

5. Love cooking new dishes and making meals for my family.

6. This is my second blog my original is devyncox.wordpress.com

7. I am an administrative assistant for a physical therapist.

8. I am biracial.

9. I went natural with my hair 6 years ago.

10. I love getting out in nature.

11. I don’t drive

12. I want at least 3 kids

13. I plan to write a book one day.

14. My destination goals would have to be Thailand, Greece, New York and Portugal.

15. I love singing.

16. I was 230 pounds when I graduated high school. My lightest has been 150 and I am currently 175 lbs. I think it’s important for women who are comfortable to share their weight. Society now days focuses on actual size quite a bit and I find people are usually surprised that I’m a size 4/6/8 depending on the piece and am not 130 pounds. I’m also 5’6″.

18. I am truly inspired by Maya Angelou, Oprah, Michelle Obama and BeyoncΓ©. They’re all queens πŸ–€

19. I’m obsessed with skincare I love trying new products and do a face mask everyday.

20. I cannot watch horror movies, not even spoofs.

21. I dropped out of college.

22. I hate peas.

23. I’m a certified post mastectomy fitter but no longer work in that field.

24. I love walking around exploring new towns.

25. I love flowers especially peonies πŸ’•

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