Travel | Puyallup

It’s been on my list to get off of my comfort zone and do something more independently. My best friend moved to Puyallup which created the perfect opportunity to take the train down to visit her!

Before I left I started my weekend off right with a mani, pedi thanks to my sweet boss who timed it to be when we had our marketing meeting.

Instructions I wrote on how to take the bus downtown and then catch the train 🤞
Fueling up with some homemade vegan pecan, coconut bark 🖤
Took the sounder from downtown Seattle to Puyallup. It was so easy and inexpensive plus kind of a cool experience.

Made it to Puyallup with enough time to find a quick gift and a coffee 🖤
Reunited 💖
Her man hit up the taco truck for us, too sweet!
Woke up the n cat day and went on an hour long nature watch🌱💕

Alisha prepared me this delicious brunch.
All dolled up to go explore the local area.
Found this great coffee shop so cute inside!

One of the best coffees of my life💕
My best friend is so beautiful
So shiny but still sassy
This was a need 🖤
We had so much fun playing racket ball and hitting her gym.
Homemade gluten free cookies with Mediterranean mint chocolate chip icecream

Cookie dough cupcake 💕
Farewell lunch at Applebee’s

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