Easy Healthy Habits

I try to eat fruit at least once a day, I’ll it helps promote a positive mindset, I find myself eating it mindfully and being sure to enjoy the different flavors. Plus it boosts your immune system.
With the seasons changing I wanted to be sure that I’m getting all the vitamins and nutrients I need. I am loving this women’s multivitamin it’s vegan and gluten free and has a lot of great nutrients you don’t always find in a daily vitamin like spirulina.
Journaling has been so helpful. I make bullet lists of what I plan to do or have done that day and try to write down daily goals and gratitude.
Love this Takeya water bottle I try to drink at least 3 of these a day my goal is 5 to make a gallon of water a day.
I’ve been trying to get some movement in. Curvycurl on YouTube offers free barre classes and sells these awesome resistance bands. I love that they’re thicker and fabric it keeps them from cutting off the circulation to your legs and they stay in place.
Vitamin C is so important, I work for an essential business and take public transit twice a day so I try to keep my immune system strong to protect me against COVID and just normal cold and flu germs.

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