My Nightly Routine

I always light a candle when I get home, I’m currently alternating between this Vanilla Bean one and a Peppermint one by DW Homes .
I prep my coffee for the next morning, I do about 1/2 cup of grounds 1/4 cup of sugar and fill up my French press I either leave it in the counter or put it in the fridge. In the morning I pour it over ice and add vanilla oatmilk it’s delicious!
I’ve been craving cheese lately so an easy meal I enjoy is using this organic white cheddar Mac and cheese I add a diced tomato, a drizzle of Trader Joe’s Glaze, a sprinkle of 3 cheese blend and some garlic powder and black pepper for a quick comfort meal.
At night I love go over my checklist for the day and mark off and add what I’ve done and then prep the next day. I also write in my gratitude journal and usually once or twice a week I’ll do a list from a 52 lists book.
Gotta do skincare, I am loving these two serums from Pearlessence I am trying out. Couple different face washes to decide what I like and so far none are my favorite so I’ll make a separate post when I find one I love.
I always have a hot beverage before bed, usually peppermint tea or hot chocolate. Lately I’ve been loving a cold honey crisp apple sliced up and watching Netflix

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