First 2021 Weekend

Got to take a barre3 class in this barn it was fun and it was nice to participate in a group class.

I was gifted a facial for my two year work anniversary, it was my first dermaplanning facial and my skin feels soo smooth.

Mary my best friend since I was 6 met me in Edmonds and we ate Thai food then grabbed coffee and sat at the beach.
We went back to Mary’s and had treats and painted while watching reality tv.
Sunday is my housework and weekly reset day. I had a couple iced coffees and did my weekly chores.
Loving this face mask it was a gift from my co worker, it really does brighten.
I’ve been doing these 52 lists books and really loved this prompt.
I made a healthy brunch, 2 eggs + handful of spinach +5 cherry tomatoes + diced red onions on a gluten free tortilla, I did a bit of lemon garlic hummus, avocado, EBB seasoning and Trader Joe’s Glaze on top
Made a seafood stew for the first time came out really nice.
Made some healthy snickers.
Took a hot shower, deranged my hair & moisturized.
Re did my press one and painted them, they’re a bit messy but with all the hand washing I do the polish will get cleaned up.
My Sunday list, I like to sit back and write everything I did in a day it gives me a perspective and helps me appreciate my free time and everything I got done.

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