Solo Trip To Bellingham, WA

Places To Check Out

Honorary Mention to Village Books & Paper Dreams in Fairhaven. I went there on a previous trip and loved it.

I arrived and loved the hotel room, I felt comfortable and safe. Parking was easy and the area was very central. I relaxed in the room and watched Gilmore Girls and got unpacked then went to do a bit of exploring and ended up at KPOP Chicken and Beer and sat outside and had the best chicken salad of my life!

Then I did a bit of shopping and picked up a beautiful new ring and some magnets for my sister.

Then I went to a drugstore to get some snacks for my room and went back and took a hot shower and watched movies. It is essential to pick up water and snacks whenever I travel. The next morning I went to Whatcom Falls and then went to Boulevard Park both places were so chill and the whether was perfect! I love the Woods Coffee location near Boulevard Park. It doesn’t sounds like a thrilling vacation but just being intentional for 48 hours and trying a new restaurant, doing some shopping, relaxing in a new environment, getting out in nature and then having a cup of coffee are honestly some of my favorite things to do.

My Experience:

This trip I took in 2021 really was a testament to my development as a person. I was gifted a stay by my boss at a hotel in Bellingham. I drove myself there. I dined alone. I roamed the city alone. Drank coffee alone. Made memories alone. And I loved it. I loved my own company. I loved the experiences I gave myself and it instilled confidence in me to travel alone and create a life I love as a single person.

I made a playlist, put on a full face of make up and grabbed an iced coffee and hit the road in a matching sweatsuit. I sang and admired the drive. I spoke affirmations out loud and expressed gratitude for the life I have created.

Three years ago I prayed for the life I have now. I find journal entries and old notebooks filled with to do lists and manifestations and everyone of them was leading me to now.

I am sober
I am independent
I am healthy
I am successful
I love myself
I am grateful

These statements are on every entry. When I get overwhelmed now I say out loud I love myself. I prefer a cup of tea to a glass of wine. I don’t seek a purpose through a relationship and prefer to spend time alone then on a date.

I have a job that supports me as a person and my growth that I love and enjoy.
I only have friendships that are meaningful and healthy.

I have boundaries that I have created that protect me from stepping off the right path.

This trip was an opportunity for me to step out of my routine and just sit with the reality I live in. I learned a lot about myself and my relationship to rest.

I have never felt so at ease as I did on that trip and I realized that I have a need to feel productive I hate wasting time and the to do list lifestyle I lead is great but is also keeping me from being present.

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