My Weekly Routine

I wanted to share the routine I created that I feel best when I follow. I realized that a lot of my time I was doing a little bit of everything each day but it was rushed. I decided that creating a schedule that matched up with my work days and the time I had free was a way to help me feel in control but also fit everything into the week without getting overwhelmed.

I’ll share a bit of the break down:

Monday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday I am off or off earlier so I go to the gym after work, I just wear active wear to work to make it easier on myself if I do need to go into the office.

Tuesday I go to my sisters for family dinner since I’m off at 5:00 pm, because I live alone and am single it is important for me to have some social interaction for my mental health.

Wednesday I do a full wellness routine. Come home, light candles, take a full shower; exfoliate, shave, deep condition & detangle my hair. Then after I will do a coat of self tan or just moisturize, put on perfume and a comfy set. I will eat take out or meal prep and then have hot tea and fruit. Do a face mask, acupressure and meditation. This day is really grounding, I usually burn sage and take vitamins and journal. It’s a day I recognize that I am worthy of wellness and my attention. Quarantine and being single made it so that I didn’t care about my appearance, I am always hygienic but I didn’t care about shaving or exfoliating or moisturizing or putting on a spray tan but not honoring my femininity was changing my energy, I was more in my masculine energy just worried about my job and the basics and not focusing on my creativity or movement or connection. So I created this day in the middle of the week that I didn’t need to do any work or cleaning or errands just a day to relax and take care of me.

Thursday I do a deep clean, once I have taken care of myself my focus goes to my space. I do all the dishes, clean out the fridge, change out the litter box, sweep, mop and take out the trash. That way once I get off work on Friday my space is ready for me to relax. Plus I have a hard time falling asleep on Thursdays because I know I have to be up earlier for work on Fridays. Going to bed in a clean space and using us some of that anxious energy has helped me stop binging TikTok videos all night.

Friday is an early morning so I wear active wear to work and once I’m off I can go to the gym, pick up groceries and fresh flowers and head home.

Saturday I usually wake up around 8:00 am and I drink coffee in bed and hang out with Remmy and just relax. Then once I feel up for it I shower, then get ready for the gym. I workout, grab an iced coffee and head home to shower again and make brunch and chill the rest of the day. Every other week I go to the nail salon before the gym for a fresh manicure.

Sunday I intentionally sleep in and drink coffee in bed and read. Get up go to the gym, come home, shower and bake something. I spend the day reading, shopping, watching movies and doing some self care usually my other full day of wellness where I do a full shower and do my hair and moisturize.

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