Feminine Vs. Masculine Energy

This topic has been very interesting to be since I became more aware of my dating life.

I first started dating at 17 and for about 10 years I was dating in a non sustainable way. I was actively trying to please a partner, I put my needs to the side, my opinions and dreams and focused on supporting a man. During those 10 years I felt very feminine, I was creative, caring, nurturing, social and empathetic.

Once my last relationship ended when I was 25 I left my second abusive relationship and had a very strong “fuck all men” mentality. I focused on hustling, working out, my alcohol addiction increased and I isolated myself as much as possible. I was healing and used masculine energy as a way to protect myself. Once I moved into my own space I realized that I wasn’t fully healed and that I was projecting a masculine energy I had even stopped getting ready and caring about my appearance.

Now that I feel more secure I am actively working to tap into and restore my feminine energy. Here are a few of the activities that I try to include in my daily and weekly routine to help me feel more feminine and calm.

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