2021 Highlights

I Self Published My Book

I self published my book “To Live In Peace, Rest In Chaos” the title comes from my personal belief that so many people are discontent with life because they expect a life of ease, that they actively avoid chaos or negative situations when really there is grace in accepting life as it happens. To accept that life comes with highs and lows and to really live a peaceful life you have to accept the chaos whether it’s personal chaos; addiction, health issues etc.

Or environmental chaos; relationships, work, friendships etc how you spend your time and who you spend it with is a direct reflection of the chaos you might be experiencing.

Then there’s social chaos; the news, politics, etc. Once the acceptance happens then changes can be made. Whether literal or mental changes to begin improving your experiences. I talk about my personal story from childhood trauma, to addiction, abusive relationships and navigating life while grieving. I wanted to share my experience because I came from a really dark situation and navigated it mostly on my own no rehab or therapy and I’m not encouraging that but I personally felt that a lot of the autobiographies I read was that there was a lot of outside support that I didn’t resonate with.

Writing this book was cathartic for me because I was able to reflect on the memories with a new perspective. When you’re in the shit you don’t know what the other side is going to look like so being able to see from that perspective now is so amazing and I just hope this book brings hope to someone who might be struggling.

To Read My Personal Story Click Here

Got My Cat Remmy

I adopted Remmy In June and she is 1 years old now in December she is so cute and feisty.

Went On A Solo Staycation

This trip was a complete reset, I had the best time check out my Bellingham Blog Post for details!

Helped Advance The Business I Work For

This year our team grew from 3 to 6. My boss was out of the office for several months and it talk me a lot. We also moved to a larger space and I went to a conference in Florida. Overall it was a great year at work!

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