2022 Goals & Affirmations

It’s amazing how writing things out and daydreaming really can help you achieve your goals. But reaching goals is also about inspired action. The first step is getting clear on your goals but then you need to figure out the steps to achieve them.

So I thought I would share how I intend to reach these goals;

Consistent Blog Posting
There are a few ways I can do this; post blogs during my hour lunch break at work, take a day of the weekend and go to my local coffee shop and schedule out a weeks worth of content or purchase better internet for my space so I can upload while I’m at home. Establishing a variety of options helps me avoid excuses.

Stick To My Routine
In a previous post I shared my weekly routine, when I adhere to that routine my week goes smoothly and I feel great. I know that there are a few factors that can lead me to stray away from that routine; stress, eating bad food, social media. Sometimes if I’m stressed I just go home and lay and scroll through social media. Eating fast food during my lunch break at work doesn’t satisfy my hunger, makes me feel like crap and makes it hard to go to the gym. This year I want to really emphasize making easy healthy meals at home so that I can stay on track with my nutrition which supports the whole routine.

No Meaningless Dating
If you’re participating in online dating you know how much of a waste of time it can become. Having the same conversation with 30 different people while knowing that you don’t really feel a connection with any of them, agreeing to dates with people where there is no spark. It’s all a waste of time and energy. This year I intend to only go on dates when I feel excited about meeting the person and they need to match my energy and show consistent effort.

Arizona Trip With My Sister
I really want to go to Sedona, AZ and would love to take my older sister. I’ve heard that there are several energy vortexes there and I think it would be so special to be there on 02/22/2022 and just spend a few days healing, focusing on wellness and spending time with one of my favorite people.

Pay Off Remaining Student Debt
This one goes without saying, I have a few thousand dollars of student debt remaining from when I attended Washington State University, now that I am in a better financial standing I want to eliminate the debt before I move to a larger space.

Solo Trip To California
I want to explore California alone, stay in a luxury Air BNB, spend my days going to the beach eating avocado toast. My only solo trips have been local or for work.

Support And Advance The Business I Work For
I absolutely love my job and the company I work for. I have a new leadership role and am excited to support my team and help the business continue to grow.

Redecorate and Organize My Space
Over the years I have noticed that I have trouble parting with sentimental items. I also carry a scarcity mindset regarding material things. It has been hard to get rid of clothing, books and other household items. In 2021 I focused on buying better quality items I actually wanted that I could use for the years to come. I cleaned out my closet yesterday December 31st 2021 and got rid of any items that didn’t fit or that I never really wore. I want to create a capsule wardrobe and kind of take a minimalist approach to my home. Clutter in my space is manifesting as clutter in my mind and I want to rid myself of all negative energy and the idea that I won’t be able to replace items I get rid of.

Along with establishing goals and creating plans to complete them, it’s important to create affirmations surrounding emotions that have been coming up for you personally. In 2021 I struggled with feeling financially secure, feeling like the work I was doing was contributing to success vs. just treading water, I had health issues and had to get the rest of my thyroid removed and gained over 70 pounds. I also struggled with feelings of loneliness even though I have an amazing support system and of course comparison. I’m 28 and not where my peers are or where I thought I should be. Sometimes it’s hard to identify where your negative feelings are coming from, but acknowledging them is the first step to moving forward. I highly recommend journaling. Even if you just pull up your notes app and write down when you’re feeling anxious or negative it can really help you figure out what’s triggering negative thoughts.

Goals/ Planning/ Affirmations all help you to manifest your desires. If you know what you want, how you’re going to do it and focus your thoughts and energy in a positive manner it will help you create the life you want.

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