Self Care Sunday

Sunday, the day of rest… not for my anxious mind and addiction to productivity. Every week I get a strong case of the Sunday Scaries, “I wasted my weekend”, either I was too productive and didn’t rest or I was lazy AF and now I’m going into the week feeling behind. I wanted to share the schedule I have found that helps me balance productivity and rest.

Reduce Screen Time
I can’t be the only one guilty of scrolling till the sun goes down and wondering WTF happened? Going into the day with the mindset that I won’t be using social media helps me be be more present in real life and intentional with my day.

Meal Prep/ Bake A Treat
I personally love to cook so this is a double whammy for me, it’s relaxing but helps me prep for the week ahead.

Take A Spa Shower
Essential oils in a steamy shower and do the whole routine, exfoliate, shave, wash your hair, deep condition and moisturize. It’s relaxing and helps me feel confident for the week.

Intentional Movement
Yoga, go to the gym, go on a walk but do it as a way to care for yourself. Listen to your favorite playlist and hydrate it helps reduce stress.

Gratitude Journal
Write down moments you enjoyed from the weekend and everything your grateful for and excited for in the upcoming week.

Read Fiction
I found I was trapped in a self help book cycle. I was only reading books that made me feel like I needed to work on myself even more and they left me feeling stressed. Reading fiction has allowed me to get lost in a story and relax.

Listen To Calming Music
My favorites are low fi or just rain sounds. It’s great for when your cooking, in the shower or just chillin.

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