Self Love Sunday

Slept in, made my bed then made white chocolate oat milk iced coffee.

Picked up some fresh flowers from the grocery store.

Bought a new candle.

Did skincare; I’m loving these Earth Habor products that I received as a gift from my boss. This mist smells so good and it has a rose quartz in the bottle.

This is the serum. It absorbs so quick and smells fresh.
This is the eye cream it helps my eyes look less tired.

This is the hydration cream, I put this on last to kind of hold everything in.
I took an epsom salt and rose oil bath with a candle lit and the lights off, I have a skylight in my bathroom and it’s nice to just have the natural light.

After I took my bath and did my skincare I out in a freshly washed leisure set from Target.

Okay this might be weird but this is a guilty pleasure if mine. It’s a pizza quesadilla. So I put mozzarella and some seasoning in a tortilla. Cook it in olive oil and dip it in marinara. It’s so easy and delicious.

Not pictured, gave Remmy a bath and brushed her. Now she’s just relaxing on her cat tree.

When I want to show myself extra love I make chocolate covered strawberries. It easy and feels special and they’re bomb.

Laying in bed watching the sunset, reading and having a La Croix.
Did my favorite face mask.

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