Small Joys For Sobriety

We’ve all heard the notion “romanticize your life”. But over the past several months I have been actively been mindful of the moments of small joy in my days. I take photos of beautiful things, record short videos of my daily life with the moments that I loved. From my morning coffee to cuddles with my cat. A new candle, a good book, a nice walk, a hot bath. A big thing I focus on as I continue through life sober is recognizing what triggers me to crave alcohol? Usually stress, fear and frustration. And what are actions or things I can do that bring me joy? This isn’t the same for everyone but the mentality behind it is to not focus on the thing you can’t do and the trigger but to focus your attention elsewhere on something that benefits you in a different way.

Here’s a list of things I do when I’m in a funk or feeling like I’m holding onto negative energy.

  • Take a long shower and say out loud “I am washing away all the negative energy.”
  • Moisturize and listen to low fi music, I use a vanilla scented lotion so it’s comforting
  • Create a stress free environment I know that IG makes it seem like your house has to be perfectly clean at all times but honestly that is an unrealistic standard. Sometimes I just spread power wash on my dishes, make my bed and clean the litter box. My mental health and rest is more important than having a spotless studio. I have designated Thursday and Sunday as cleaning days where I’ll spend an hour or two doing all the chores. I do it Thursday so that when I get off work Friday I come home to a clean space and can relax. I do another tidy on Sunday before the week starts so I can do laundry and do the bigger cleans like mopping and cleaning the tub.
  • Water my plants
  • Play with my cat Remmy
  • Read a fiction book
  • Watch YouTube
  • Play a relaxing game on my phone
  • Stretch
  • Dance
  • Make hot tea
  • Bake
  • Cook a yummy meal
  • Listen to a meditation
  • Go on pinterest
  • Get a new candle
  • Rearrange my place
  • Go on a long walk
Grab an iced coffee and listen to a podcast

What are things you do that bring you joy?

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