Week In Photos


Remmy being adorable.
Yummy easy ramen noodles I picked up from the co op.


Beautiful sunset on my way home on the train.
Made breaded cauliflower usually I use Panko but this time I used oat flour.


Another beautiful sunset
I pick up take out on Wednesdays I usually get K fresh it’s bibimbop so rice, vegan beef, kimchi, cucumber, cabbage, onion, green onions and japchae with a spicy sauce.


My aunt and uncle gave me these as a gift honoring the 2 year anniversary of my mom passing.


Friday called for donuts.
Fresh manicure because I was going out that night.
Went out with Mary, we got tacos and met up with some people she knows hung out for a bit and then went to got lava cake and ice cream and squishmallows at the store and went to her place and watched gossip girl.


My squishmallow that Mary named Spud.
Remmy being adorable.
I made a cauliflower, mushroom frittata.
I also made healthy Twix.


Sunday is for copious amount of iced coffee, I also picked up pastries from a French bakery, got my groceries delivered and did some cleaning. Then my family stopped by after that I read and relaxed the rest of the day.

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