My 10 Current Obsessions

Life isn’t only great when you are perfectly fit, rich and traveling. Most of us are living normal lives and it escapes us to reflect how truly amazing those lives can be. I wanted to share my healthy obsessions the things I see show up on every gratitude list I write. The obtainable things that make everyday better!

1. Remmy, my cat is literally such a blessing her presence is unmatched and everyday she reminds me to be patient and loving and curious.

2. Sunsets! Whenever I catch a sunset I take a moment to be truly present to take in the sights smells and feelings I’m experiencing and to enjoy the moment.

3. Iced coffee, literally one of the greatest joys in life is the sound of a metal straw in a mason jar. But really I think it comes from allowing yourself to enjoy something, to give yourself something as a thank you for getting shit done, for living, for doing the hard things. That’s why I will never just drink coffee black it’s joyless and disgusting.

4. Journaling but not making it an assignment if that makes sense. It’s not something I have to do it’s something I get to do. Express myself, write down moments I loved, things I want to remember, things I want to do or try.

5. Reading fiction. Once I entered my 20’s I was always striving for progress, to improve myself and hustle and for so long I only read self help or development books but I realized it was creating a feeling of lack. I was always working or working on myself and never resting. This year it is my goal to read books for fun, for the good, feels for the story for the feeling when you’re lost in a book and the day just slips away but you finish it feeling accomplished without ever leaving your bed. It’s literally the best.

6. Daily walks, I realized I was hunkering down on weekdays watching the clock till I could “take care of me” or relax now I try and do a midday walk every workday, no music, just me being present focusing on movement and breathing grabbing my water and just enjoying the day. It’s really helped me with my feelings of burnout and stress.

7. Buying myself flowers has always made me feel luxurious, every payday I treat myself to a new bouquet even if it’s $5 it’s nice having a token of gratitude to myself in my home.

8. Candles I use these in my wind down routine each night I make a cup of tea or even just hot water, light a candle and listen to a 5 minute meditation. It’s just a way to enjoy my space and reconnect with myself.

9. Quick meditations on YouTube, I feel like I was just consuming media and it wasn’t benefitting me, I’ve found so many amazing meditations on YouTube that help me with so many different emotions whether I’m stressed, anxious, scared, restless, sad, grateful whatever there is a meditation for it on YouTube fo freeee.

10. Spending time with others, as an alcoholic and introvert I really struggled with socializing in my early 20’s I depended on alcohol and always left social situations feeling like garbage. After 2.5 years of sobriety I have been spending time with friends again on the weekends, making plans, seasonal bucket lists to complete, getting outdoors, movie marathons, trying new restaurants and it’s really been fun which I realized I had been missing for a long time.

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