My 29th Birthday

Spent Saturday and Sunday at the lake with my best friend Mary. Fun fact we’ve been best friends for 23 years.
Love this park the grass leads straight to the water so you don’t get all sandy. This is Lake Washington.
Sunday we had brunch at our favorite spot Bistro 76 and I always get the maple bacon fritters they’re amazing!
Yes I get in the water!
Monday June 28th was my actual birthday I went and got a coffee and picked up some roses for myself.
I spent Monday with my best friend Alisha we went to a beach and swam in the sound. We saw the whales and seals!
Picked up burgers and ate them in the park.
Stopped for a birthday scoop!
Ended the together watching the sunset at my favorite park in Everett.
When I got home I took a nice long shower and gave myself a fresh manicure.

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